Saturday, 4 June 2011

LianneLoves.. 7 weeks to go [Holiday Countdown]

7 weeks to go..
Amazing bikini body? Hmm, still working on that one!

Aims for this week were..

1. Continue eating as well as possible

2. Up my exercise routine for toning up

3. Receive Bradley's passport

4. Continue searching for decent bikinis

5. Save, save, SAVE!

Eating well

Well, it's been half term this week so bikini diet kind of went out of the window come Monday! lol. I did try, but I did end up sharing tubs of Ben & Jerry's ice cream with the little man and eating bacon sandwiches for breakfast and a bag of minstrels at one point too. Massive fail!

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream


Since most of my exercise is walking [I walk to and from work every day, 30 minutes each way], being off work has meant I haven't done much walking. Although I did do an hours walk on Tuesday afternoon to and from the tanning salon and had a quick 10 minutes on the Flabelos. I've done a few arm exercises this week too, and a couple of sessions on Wii Just Dance 2 with the little man! So a little gentle exercise is better than none right? :)
I did find a local Zumba class but ended up cancelling to take Bradley to the fair instead! Joys of single parenthood right there! Although I reckon those bloody Waltzers may've spun a few lbs away.. maybe?! :)
Must. Try. Harder.


Receive Bradley's passport..

After a few teething problems [their fault not mine! :)] I finally received his passport, panic over!

Find some decent bikinis..

I have major body confidence issues, pregnancy wasn't kind to my body.. so finding the perfect bikini is never an easy job. I have tankinis, numerous bikini bottoms and a full, but very pretty, swimsuit from River Island. I did purchase a couple of bikinis this week, think I'm only going to take one of them with me though.. I might purchase another before I go.. I did buy a cover up, a beach bag, some beach towels and sandals from Primark [ssh!] too.. ;)

I only managed 6 minutes on the sunbed this week, due to busy mummy duties! But I did get a lovely couple of hours in the sunshine too! Products I've been using for beach body prep this week have been..

Australian Gold Gelee Accelarator
Loreal Sublime Bronze for Body
Loreal Sublime Bronze for Face
The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream
Lush Buffy
Lush Butterball bath ballistic
Lush Floating Island bath melt
Lush Angels on Bare Skin
Lush Dream Cream

Save, Save, SAVE..

I'm not doing well on the saving front! Especially this week being half term, entertaining the little man usually involves money!! But we'll be fine I'm sure :)

Hopefully next week will be a better one! :)

Lianne Loves.. This weeks nails [Bourjois 1 Seconde - no24]

This week I went for quickness when choosing my nail polish.. and pulled out an old faithful..

Bourjois 1 Seconde polish - in no24

What Bourjois say..

'1 Seconde nail enamel is ultra quick to apply thanks to its patented fan effect brush which adapts to the size of each nail. The one-coat formula, enriched with silicon, dries in 50 seconds, leaving you with beautiful ultra-shiny nails and plenty of time.'

Well, I've always loved the wide, fan-shaped brush with this nail polish, it literally is shaped to fit your nail so that you get an even finish in just one swipe. It does just take one second, or maybe slightly longer if your nail application is anything like mine, particularly on the right hand! :)

Bourjois 1 Seconde - no24 [before]

No24 is a black shade, with a slight shimmer, depending on what kind of light you're in. The picture doesn't do it justice, but I used 2 coats [although it does say you can get away with 1, I always find 2 gives a better finish, and since 1 coat was so quick.. :)] and finished with top coat.

Since it only takes one swipe, you're not left with any unsightly brush lines, but a perfect, even finish. The consistency is quite thick, but easy to work with. As far as application goes - this is one of my fave products to work with!

Bourjois 1 Seconde - no24 [after]

This is how my nails looked after 7 days. Was slightly gutted at how quickly it started to chip, especially since I was off work this week, I thought I'd get away with tip top nails for a bit longer, but not with this polish. But it doesn't claim to be hard wearing or long lasting, but to give you shiny nails, quickly and effortlessly, in which it does, very well! So it pretty much does what it sets out to do. If you're looking for a polish that is quick to use and leaves you with shiny, even finish, try this!

Bourjois 1 Seconde polish is currently available in 8 shades, for £5.99 in store and online here at Boots.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Lianne Loves.. Lush's Dragon's Egg Bath Ballistic

As mentioned before, my little boy adores Lush's Bath Ballistics and spends ages in store choosing his next purchase! This week he has tried out Dragon's Egg..

I apologise in advance for the photos.. he dropped it into the bath before I'd even snapped a picture beforehand, and these were taken on the ol' iPhone so excuse the quality..

Anyway, what do Lush say about the Dragon's Egg..

"As you bathe in the whirlpool of vibrant, fiery colour and inhale the refreshing sherbet scent of lemon and bergamot, you'll feel like you're up and away on the back of your own dragon. Citrus oils are known for their invigorating effect on the mind and Dragon's Egg is no exception! Drop one of these baby dragons in the bath for a serious wake-up call on groggy mornings or before evenings out."

So.. let's see if it makes Bradley feel like he's flying away on the back of an, ahem, dragon..
As soon as it touched water it started foaming, a thick, creamy foam, which Bradley found amazing! :)

Lush - Dragon's Egg

As it foamed and fizzed away in the water, it began to give off a wave of lemon sherbet, it reminded me a little of when you first open a bag of lemon bon bons.. Mmm! :)

As the foam filled the bath, the ballistic then began to release candy coloured confetti which looked really pretty.

Lush - Dragon's Egg

Then, just as we thought the excitement was over [bare with me here ;)], it almost 'split' open, creating an orange, glittery trail around the bath, before fizzing and popping like popping candy!
As you can imagine, for a 7 year old, this is utter entertainment for bath time!! :)

Lush - Dragon's Egg

Eventually, the 2 parts of the 'egg' break apart leaving a glitter cube that melts into the water creating a bright orange, glittery mess! :)

All in all, one of the most exciting, entertaining bath ballistics we've tried so far. Absolutely perfect for entertaining both little and big people alike! :)

What did Bradley think..

"It was absolutely brilliant! I loved when the bath turned all orange!"

Happy days! :)

Lush's Dragon's Eggs are available for £2.99 in store and online here

We'd love to know what you think! :)