Sunday, 18 September 2011

Lianne Loves.. MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation

I was after some new foundation, I've been using MAC Studio Fix and Studio Tech for a good 5 years but thought I'd give their Mineralize Satinfinish a go..

What they say..

'A fluid foundation that blends the natural light-reflecting properties of micro-minerals with a smooth satin finish. Provides a low-to-medium build able coverage, with a skin-flattering, slightly luminous look. Helps make your skin appear radiant, healthy, re-energized. Contains vitamins A, C and E to help nurture and condition the skin. Provides everyday broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15 sun protection. Long wearing. Good for all skins. Especially suitable to normal-dry skins.'

What I say..

The foundation is quite thick but goes on well with a good quality foundation brush to leave a fresh, dewy look. The finish is lovely, but is not for those wanting a 'natural' look, as it gives a very 'made up' finish and I found that it actually showed up my lines and imperfections more than other foundations, and didn't feel comfortable building up the coverage without it looking too 'shiny'. Personally I think I'll save this foundation for nights out or other such occasions rather than for every day use. It depends what look you're going for, and what kind of skin you have. But try it, it's lush! :)

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Do you use Mineralize Satinfinish? What do you think?

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