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Lianne Loves.. My Current Fave Products

I had planned to put this post together a while ago, but here it is, finally! My fave products, my must-have essentials of 2010 that I use on a daily basis, that I'll be taking through to 2011 until something a lil more amazing comes along! :)

Max Factor Xperience Foundation

I've already raved about this foundation in it's own post which you can read here. :)

Benefit's 'Hello Flawless' Cover-Up

Now, I've never been a massive fan of powder as always found it took the dewy, fresh look from my foundation away. And I'd never even thought about using a cover-up in powder form. But during a trip to Benefit whilst spending a Xmas gift card, I thought I'd give it a go.

I was more than impressed!

The silky smooth powder comes in gorgeous packaging complete with mirror, the powder palette lifts up to reveal a brush for smooth application all over skin and a sponge for more precise cover-up.

It applies really nicely and leaves a smooth, light finish and the sponge covers spots, blemishes, redness and dark circles fantastically, giving me a 'flawless' finish without the 'over-done' look! I'll definately be using this for the foreseeable future!

'Hello Flawless' is available in 9 different shades (I've been using 'Me, vain? Champagne') at a price of £24.50 at Benefit counters and online at

MUA eyeshadows

Make up for £1! Who'd have thought it. But MUA Make-Up Academy is Superdrugs new £1 make-up brand. Now, I usually buy a cheappish brand for my eyeshadow 'base' as I use so much of it. So when I spotted these MUA shadows in Superdrug I snapped up some whites/nudes/beiges to use as my eye make-up base. I dont usually expect much as 'you get what you pay for' but these are lovely! They're a decent size for the price and are silky smooth to the touch. Best of all, they last all day long, which is more than I expected for £1! :)

Available in a range of colours, for £1 in all Superdrug stores and at

MAC Eyeshadows

My beloved MAC never fails to keep my eyes looking sharp with their highly-pigmentated eyeshadow powders. They apply smoothly and blend easily. Available in an extensive range of colours, I never fail to find a colour to match my mood or outfit with MAC. An old favourite I'll never get bored of!

Available for £11.50 at MAC stores and at

Benefit 10 Highlighter & Bronzer

I looooove a good bronzer/highlighter and one of my faves to use all year round is Benefit's '10'. The bronze & pink powder lasts for ages and comes complete with a soft brush to sweep across cheeks & brow or for contouring.

It creates a lovely glow, I'm a big fan!

Available for £23.50 at Benefit counters and at

MAC Mineralize Blush

This was my Summer bronzer 'A Little Bit of Sunshine' which I think is no longer available but it's lasted me well but I've hit the pan as you can probably see, so I'm currently on the lookout for a new all over bronzer - suggestions welcome!! :)

I love MACs Mineralize range. They use 'baked minerals refined into a powder formula to provide exceptionally sheer and lightweight application.' Their blushes highlight the cheeks and I love the bronzing effect it has when used all over face, creating a slight shimmer without looking, or feeling too heavy.

Available in an ever changing range of colours (currently 6 I believe?!) at a price of £17.50 at MAC stores and at

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

I spent most of the year trying to work out which mascara I preferred out of MAC Opulash or Dior Diorshow Extase - both big premium brand named mascaras that provided a great look, but halfway through the tube, lost it's power for me.
Towards the endof 2010 saw the release of Maybelline's 'The Falsies'. They claimed that their mascara, enrinched with a Pro-Keratin & Fibre formula 'delivers a false lash look; giving you a full set of voluminous, bold, fanned out lashes and the appearance of no gaps from any angle'. I'm not sure about the 'no gaps' part but the rest of the claim is spot on.
The spoon-shaped brush perfectly fans lashes and gives me thick lashes that 'set' all day long.
I love the daytime look it gives and with lashings and lashings, creates amazing volume perfect for a night out. I shall definately continue to use this mascara!

Available currently on offer at £6.19 from all Maybelline stockists.

MAC Eye Kohl

Find me an eyeliner as good as this one!
I have a make-up bag full of eyeliners from different brands, but none are as good as MAC. I've yet to find another that gives me a soft line above my lashes. And a dramatic, long-lasting line along my waterline. I've used MAC's eyeliner for years, and even when trying other brands, have always come back to MAC!

Available at £13 from MAC stores and at

I'd love to hear your current faves

Lianne X

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