Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lianne Loves.. Nail Watch - Rimmel Lasting Finish Fruities

We all look out for long lasting nail polishes, so I decided to start doing posts reviewing them as I wear them. Introducing the aptly named 'Nail Watch' lol - cheesy but you get my point! :) I will do regular edits, updating you on the condition of the polish. So here is this weeks choice...

Rimmel 'I Love Lasting Finish Fruities'

My nails had grown lovely over Christmas & New Year but a couple broke, quite low down *tut* so I had to trim them all quite short this weekend. So to cheer them up a bit I thought I'd treat them to a nice vibrant colour!

I received this polish as part of a Secret Santa present from one of the girls at work. Not usually a Rimmel fan but thought Id give it a go as the colour is lush!

This Rimmel range, apparently inspired by 'the freshness of summer' includes bright, vibrant shades and boasts a long lasting, chip resistant finish. These, plus the fact that they're supposed to smell fruity when dry, makes for a fun, bang on trend range of nail wear from Rimmel.

I'm trying 066 - Cranberry Zest, a gorgeous hot pink/reddy colour.

It applies smoothly, has a nice consistency and after 2 coats looks great. The only downfall so far is that it takes absolutely ages to dry, and I'm so impatient when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry!!

I admit, I couldn't smell the fruity fragrance that well once dry, I've read reviews that say they smell delish, but I won't lie, I couldn't smell much at all.

Sealed with a coat of my faithful top coat Sally Hansen Double Duty I was good to go!

I love the finish, and the colour! I can't stop looking at them.

Let's see if it passes the test of time!

Please bear in mind, the nail colour is sealed with top coat which will obviously allow the nail polish to last longer than usual.

My nails were painted yesterday afternoon and they're still in tip top condition with no signs of chipping as yet. Good start! :)

I shall keep you posted!!

Read more about this Rimmel range here.

UPDATE: 2 days in. After a busy day at work (bearing in mind I work with children) the tips are beginning to wear slightly on a few nails...

UPDATE: It's been 6 days and my nails still look fab!! The colour still looks bright and my top coat is doing a fantastic job at keeping my nails smooth and with no chips. The only change other than slight regrowth is a tiny amount of wear at the tips of a few nails, which appeared a couple of days in, which is inevitable as a busy, working mum! So far, very impressed!!


  1. Its a lovely color :) thanks for sharing

    I am a new follower ^ ^ and I have to say that you have a great blog. hope you drop by my blog too

  2. Aw thanks Sara. :) I'll def check out n follow yours too!! :) x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous colour, my favourite shade of pink! I will keep a lookout for this. Thank you for the picture! :D xx

  4. No problem hun, let me know how you get on!! :) x