Sunday, 16 January 2011

Lianne Loves.. Next Home!

Yesterday we decided to pay a visit to our second home, Next Home to buy some new bits for the house. I love shopping for the house almost as much as shopping for myself.. almost ;)

I'm lucky enough that my boyfriend and I have the same sort of tastes when it comes to interior design, so decorating and accessorising the house has been easy!

We love Next Home, they have some gorgeous pieces! Our house is pretty much a shrine to Next!

I thought I'd share with you some of the bits we bought yesterday..

Corin Floor Lamp

Ever since we took the Christmas tree down we vowed to get a lamp of some sort, as the light from the Christmas tree was much softer/cosier (work with me here.. :) ) than the harsh ceiling lights. This floor lamp is brand new into Next Home and fits perfectly into our lounge. It almost matches the light shades we have with our ceiling lights, the design has been tweaked slightly for the new season but still has the same classy, 'chandelier' look as before.

With a glitter inner-shade, black outer-shade and light reflecting crystal droplets, the lamp creates a soft accent light and a great focus point.

Our lounge colour scheme is black/silver/hot pink so it fits in really nicely.

Available at Next Home for £80.

Red Mugs

Unfortunately I can't seem to find these on the website and can't remember the name of these mugs. I'm not sure whether that means they're no longer available online or if they're new and haven't been put online as yet.

Our kitchen colour scheme is red/white so we always head over to the red & white pieces to see what we can treat the kitchen to! :) We needed new mugs and these were quirky and fit in with our colour scheme well.

Available at Next Home for £8.

Poppy Design Dinner Set

This 12 piece dinner set, with the cute poppy flower detailing, was our next present to the kitchen! :) The have some lovely dinner sets in Next currently, all dishwasher and microwave set. There are matching mugs and a tablecloth runner available too.

Available a Next Home for £30.

There is some lovely stuff available in the new season that will definitely be on my Wish List!

Visit Next Home to see for yourselves.