Sunday, 22 May 2011

Lianne Loves.. 8 Weeks To Go [Holiday Countdown]

So, 8 weeks to go..

How did I do this week?

Well, my main aims this week were..

1. To start eating better

2. To tone up

3. To get super soft, smooth, glowing summer skin :)

4. To pay the remainder of my holiday

5. To buy a few more holiday clothes for myself & Bradley

Eating better..

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I hadn't been eating too well, I'd been on the heartbreak diet [going days without eating at all, then pigging out on takeaways and chocolate] but this week I've been eating my 3 meals a day, home cooked meals, plenty of fruit and veg, loads of water and saved the takeaways, treats and fizzy pop until the weekend! :) So, I've probably ended up putting on weight due to actually eating this week, but actually eating again was my goal this week, so I'm pretty happy with that! :)

Toning up..

I'm quite slim but really need to tone up, unfortunately I'm too busy/lazy [delete as you wish!] for the gym..

My main exercise is walking - I walk home from work every day, which is a 30-40 minute walk, so that's got to be doing me some good! :)

I went on the Flabelos for 10 minutes this week too!

Unfortunately that's about it, but I'm working on it.. Must try harder next week!! :)

Smooth, glowing summer ready skin..

I've re-started my tanning regime, prepping my skin with 21 minutes on the sun bed this week, using Australian Gold Gelee Accelerator.

And I've been exfoliating face and body with Lush - Angels On Bare Skin and moisturising with Lush - Dream Cream, for body, and The Body Shop - Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream, for face.

Pay for holiday..

All done! :)

Buy holiday clothes..

Well, today I pretty much finished our holiday essentials as you can see. :)

Today's holiday shopping

I think I've finished Bradley's summer wardrobe now, with the exception of a nice pair of jeans/trousers since he's growing out of all of his lately. But he's almost done.

And pretty much finished mine too, although I'm after a couple of nice boob tubes and the perfect bikini!

I bought quite a bit from H&M this afternoon, just some essentials, skirts, dresses, vests.. and some shorts, vest tops and flip flops for the lil man..

Some H&M goodies

So, all in all a pretty good shopping trip! :)

Next weeks aims..

1. Continue eating as well as possible

2. Up my exercise routine for toning up
[continue looking for a local Zumba class I can do on child free evenings! :)]
3. Receive Bradley's passport!

4. Continue searching for a decent bikini

5. Try not to spend too much. Save, save, SAVE!!

Any tips always appreciated!! :)


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