Saturday, 28 May 2011

LianneLoves.. This weeks nails [Nails Inc - Strawberry Hill]

This weeks nails were painted in Nails Inc - Strawberry Hill.

I went for a bright, fruity, hot pink colour to perk me up a bit after a rubbish weekend.

This was the result after just one coat and finished with top coat..

Nails Inc - Strawberry Hill [before]

And this was the result 7 days on..

Nails Inc - Strawberry Hill [after]

Bare in mind this is after a busy, hands on, week at work and general cleaning at home. etc.
The chipping started just days after, but I did only apply one coat, whereas I'd usually apply two.

Strawberry Hill is a gorgeous colour, I recieved lots of compliments on it!

Now to decide what colour to go for this week! :)


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