Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lianne Loves.. George at Asda nail polish - Treasure Chest

While doing my online food shop at Asda a couple of weeks ago, looking though the special offers, I noticed their nail polishes were on offer, at just £1 each. So I thought I'd give one a go. Getting in the summer holiday mood, I went for a bright orange colour 'Treasure Chest'.

What they say..
'Quick drying and funky up to the minute colours.'

What I say..

In little 5ml bottles, and usually priced at just £1.75, these polishes are very enticing and make you want to buy lots! Small bottles means no wastage once the polish starts seperating or clogging up. The range includes a huge array of bang on trend colours, there are no end to choose from.

George at Asda - Treasure Chest

The first time I applied, it dried quickly yet started chipping within a day or two and when removed at the end of the week I noticed it had stained my nails slightly. So not the best brand I've ever used. But this week I made sure I used my Base & Top coat to avoid this on almost a week on, they're still in tip top condition with only slight wearing on some of the tips.

The colour is gorgeous, I've had lots of compliments and my friends at work have already been borrowing it! :)

My opinion is, if you're after some gorgeous colours for your collection, at a cheap price, the George at Asda range are a fab buy! I'll definately be purchasing some more..

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